Established Local hubs and coordinators appointed to implement the activities and achieve the goals of the National Platform for Women Entrepreneurship

Established Local hubs and coordinators appointed to implement the activities and achieve the goals of the National Platform for Women Entrepreneurship


The first year of operation of the National Platform for Women Entrepreneurship was completed with activities related to the organization of Local Hubs in the eight planning regions. In this way, the National Platform for Women Entrepreneurship (NPWE) has entered the next phase, when it expands the activities of national to local level, in order to provide more direct information and accessibility of the platform to women entrepreneurs. According to the project guidelines, the local coordinators will have to expand their activities this year and next, by organizing various activities.


Local coordinators of the eight planning regions are: 



In the Polog region, the Coordinator of the Hub is Elena Mishevska. She will coordinate the activities from Tetovo. Elena Mishevska has 14 years of experience in implementing projects supported by international donors and additional previous experience with women entrepreneurship – EU Project – WE MAKE and has made a significant contribution to the Polog Region in supporting the opening of over 100 businesses run by women.



In the Southwest region, the Hub will be coordinated by Suzana Naumovska based in Ohrid. She has been a woman entrepreneur for 30 years and with that she has extensive experience and knowledge regarding the conditions, needs and challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. Suzana by education is Manager of Economics and Tourism, graduated from the Faculty of Tourism in Ohrid. She is a 25-year-old educator at the PPC Civic University for lifelong learning “KUZMAN SHAPKAREV” – OHRID.



The Pelagonija region will coordinate its Hub located in Resen with Rumenka Dimovska, who has been self-employed for 15 years. She is an agronomist by profession and, among other things, she deals with food production and processing of fruits and vegetables. For a year now she has been engaged as a consultant in the Advisory Center for Agriculture and Rural Development Bitola. She gained her non-formal education and experience as a member of several associations, as follows: “Association against discrimination, WOMEN SOLIDARITY Resen”, “Association of fruit growers Blagoj A. Kotlarovski “Resen,” RURAL WOMEN FROM PRESPA “Resen.



The southeast planning region with center in Strumica will be coordinated by Ksenija Vangelova. She is the founder and Executive Director of the Business Innovation Center Strumica, and is a senior associate for implementation of active employment measures and policies, career counselor and employer advisor in the Employment Agency of the Republic of Macedonia. She is a member of EBN (European Business and Innovation Center Network).



In the East planning region Coordinator of the hub is Nevenka Langurova Girova based in Stip She is one of the founders and executive director of the Foundation for development of the local community Stip. 

Nevenka has 19 years of experience in strengthening and connecting CSOs and municipalities, the business sector and the media. During the professional engagement she has implemented and managed projects supported by domestic and international donors, organized and participated in events, conferences, as well as mentored organizations and institutions for their institutional development, project development and management, preparation of strategies, public documents policies, etc.


In the northeast, the coordinator of the Hub is Iva Maglvoska with a center in Kumanovo. She has a degree in international relations and is a member of the Association of Women SIRMA from Kumanovo with many years of experience in implementing projects for gender equality and human rights.

Iva Maglovska was the project manager of the project “Inclusion of young people with disabilities in the labor market in the Northeast region”, as well as previous experience with women entrepreneurship as a local coordinator of the project WE MAKE.



The Vardar region will be coordinated by Snezana Dimitrievska based in Veles. She has more than 7 years of experience in creating, applying and implementing project cycles supported by national and international donors, which support local and regional development. Recently, ie in July 2021, she became the project coordinator of the Regional Office for Support of Social Entrepreneurship. 





The Skopje region from Skopje will also be coordinated by Viktorija Mitrikeska. Victoria has 12 years of work experience in project management as well as preparing regional programs and strategies to identify, promote and generate synergies with government, partners, civil society organizations, the business sector and other stakeholders. 


The first meetings and activities with the coordinators of the Local Hubs have already been organized.

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