The Business Confederation of Macedonia (BCM) was established in 2001 and started its work as an employers’ association, which articulates, represents and supports the interests of its members and the interests of businesses in the country. Today, the membership of BCM numbers 8,500 companies united in 13 business associations, with two regional offices in Prilep and Tetovo and a headquarters in Skopje. In addition to representing the interests of its members, BCM is a catalyst for the expression of the business community and a promoter of social dialogue and industrial relations in the country.

By promoting the concept of responsible business management, we encourage the sustainability of the economy and the long-term development of companies. The knowledge and attitudes of the Business Confederation of Macedonia are based on constant communication with the membership – in-depth research, analysis and measurement of the situation in various spheres of social action at the local, national and regional levels.


Web page:  bcm.mk
Phone: 00389 02 3224 762
Email: [email protected]
Address: Str. Vasil Glavinov no.16 1/11, BC Paloma Bjank



Youth Entrepreneurial Service (YES) Foundation with its main component, a business incubator for supporting micro, small and medium enterprises in the ICT field, through the process of business incubation, offers access to services for accelerating their growth and development. 


The tenant start-ups benefit from:


  • beneficial price for office space rent,
  • use a meeting room, a computer lab and a room for training and presentations,
  • advice and tips for daily operations,
  • training to strengthen the capacities for managing the business,
  • mentoring by domestic and foreign experts, entrepreneurs and consultants,
  • promotion,
  • intermediation for funding,
  • connecting with potential clients,
  • organizing events for networking and internationalization.



Web page:  www.yes.org.mk
Phone: +389 (0) 2 3103 660 
Email:  [email protected]
Address: „16-ta Makedonska Brigada“ 13B Skopje



Local Community Development Foundation – Stip is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded in December 2006 as a legal successor of NGO Support Centre Stip (2001 – 2006). Local Community Development Foundation is the first Community Foundation in Republic of Macedonia.


Local communities are organized, proactive and capable to impact the improvement of the quality of life and well-being.


Effective citizen participation in the processes of public policymaking and implementation.


Web page:  frlz.org.mk
Phone: +389 (0)32 / 383 116
Email:  [email protected]
Аddress: Str. Straso Pinjur no.66/1 2000 Stip




The national centre for development of innovation and entrepreneurial learning (NCDIEL) was established in November 2009 with financial support for the period from 2009 to 2011 from the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) in the Republic of Macedonia. The Centre also is following the recommendations from the project “South-East European Co-operation of Innovation and Finance Agencies 2009-2012” (www.see-ifa.eu). SEE-IFA Network aims at strengthening capacity for effective provision of innovation, technology and financial support to micro, small and medium-sized companies



“EQUAL TO ALL” is an organization which is founded on the 21st of March 2001 year in Kocani. It is founded for the realization of economic, social-cultural, scientific, technical, humanist, educated, sporting, ecological and other rights, interests and assurances in agreement with the law and the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia.

MISSION of“ Equal to all” Kocani:

Process of partnership with the community for recognizing and active usage of its resource, in order to conduct realizable and maintained programs for a better tomorrow of the community.

VISSION of “Equal to all” Kocani:

Never doubt that one small group of enthusiasts can cause a positive difference in the community for the well-being of all people!

With education, practice and regional action, capacity development of the civil society for planning and realization of activities which create the possibility for participation, creativity and initiative of the community members.

G E T   I N V O L V E !!!

Phone: 078 354-079
Email:  [email protected]

Address: str. Teodosija Paunov no.26, Kochani



The Chamber of Crafts of the Republic of North Macedonia was established in 2004.

Chamber of Crafts of the Republic of Northern Macedonia consists of 15 regional chambers of crafts. In them, the members can be craftsmen and performers of craft services and other legal entities, who contribute with their activities for the promotion of entrepreneurship and the development of crafts.

CCRNM is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Due to our chamber system, social partnerships with the state institutions of Republic of North Macedonia and due to legal powers established by the Law on Crafts, we are active in supporting crafts, improving the quality of craft products and services, as well as advocating for social and economic interests of craftsmen of the entire territory of the Republic of North Macedonia.


The Chamber of Crafts of the Republic of North Macedonia in coordination with the Regional Chambers of Crafts (its members) exercises public authority and in partnership with all relevant institutions it initiates, creates and implements sustainable curricula and mobilizes all craftsmen in order to develop and develop, to improve the competitiveness and to adjust the economic norms of the Republic of North Macedonia with the EU standards.


Our goal is to help the crafts gain their rightful place in society and to maintain a constructive political dialogue, which enables the establishment of framework conditions for the development and advancement of small businesses and crafts.



Agron Fazliji

Web page: https://zkrsm.mk/
Phone: +389 2 505 3544
Email: [email protected]
Address: Str. Vasil Glavinov 16, 1/11, Skopje

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