The National Platform for Women Entrepreneurship invites all interested women from the business sector to be part of the B2B meetings, which will be held on November 23rd at the Marriott Hotel, Skopje from 1:30 p.m.

To participate in B2B meetings, interested entrepreneurs should register on the online tool for organizing B2B meetings, at the following link Home | B2B MATCHMAKING – Women Entrepreneurship – SUMMIT 2023 (talkb2b.net where they can set up their business profile and at the same time see the others registered for B2B meetings and schedule a meeting with them.

The scheduled meetings will take place live during the Summit, on 23.11.2023 (Thursday) from  1:30 p.m at the hotel, Marriott Skopje.

The Annual Summit 2023 will be held within the framework of the project “National Platform for Women Entrepreneurship” on November 23 and 24 at the Marriott Hotel, Skopje, starting at 9:30 a.m.

The main objective of the Summit is to increase the visibility and profile of the Platform and the benefits it provides to stakeholders and women’s entrepreneurship. The event will have international participation with more than 100 participants and will provide a unique approach in sharing best practice and ideas for the promotion, development and support of women’s entrepreneurship. The discussion between the present representatives from various institutions, organizations and women entrepreneurs, which are important for the development of the ecosystem for women’s entrepreneurship, will result in conclusions aimed at improving the current challenges faced by this sector.


Registration for participation in the summit is ongoing. Therefore, register at the following link: Пријава за учество на настан ,,Женско претприемништво – Клуч за зајакнување на економијата,,  – Трет годишен Самит на Национална платформа за женско претприемништво

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